Video Games and Video Editing Projects

Various Game Design and Video Editing projects

Early Days of Kinect Dino Stomp Development
I am responsible for editing the video, but the artist Tasha Newsome deserves all of the credit for the amazing visuals. Please support the Kickstarter for this amazing artist! 
I created this promotional video for our groups global game jam game SG Trauma Center.  I was also responsible for the sounds within the game, so of which I found but others I actually made with my own recording hardware. You can see more about the entire game at
The first game I built within Unity.  It is based on the the Sneak tutorial provided by Unity.  I cannot take any credit for the assets within this game however I did go through the process of the tutorial myself.  Once I finished I added the pac man type element of collecting all of the dots without being seen by the robots. 
Kelso's Colors is one of the game products that I am making for a class during the Spring 2015 semester at University of Baltimore.  
I cannot take full credit for this as I have really just been handling the user interface design, Brandon has been the lead designer and been responsible for getting nearly everything working in this game.  Avis is responsible for the artwork, and Adam has been working on the power up implementations.

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